It’s been hard, man

Brooklyn Bridge from the commuter ferry, taken at sunset by the author on 3/30/21

Two weeks ago, I ordered Pad See Ew. It had been a hard day, a long day, an anxious day. I had spent too much time alone and then a terrifying ten minutes inside a small, badly ventilated office with unmasked people in an effort to…

Part 2 of a New Graduate’s Guide to Becoming a Data/Business Analyst




You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of projects.

Projects are particularly crucial for a recent graduate applying to be a data analyst or a business analyst because they demonstrate proficiency in skills that you probably didn’t use outside of a classroom context.

As much as…

How differential privacy can protect your data, and help you comply with government regulations

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

What is Differential Privacy?

Differential privacy is a data anonymization technique that is used by major technology companies such as Apple and Google. The goal of differential privacy is simple: allow data analysts to build accurate models without sacrificing the privacy of the individual data points.

But what does “sacrificing the privacy of the…

Eliana Grosof

I write about computers and also about having emotions as a twenty-something. Professional me: DM @elianasquared.

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